Practice Areas

  • Litigation and Arbitration

    We have long time expertise in Civil, Commercial, Labour and every kind of Procedures.

  • Civil Liability

    Our Civil Liability area has long time expertise in contractual and extra-contractual responsibility. Within the Civil Liability Group we provide defence to Medical Teams, Companies, Notaries, Property Registrators, States and Cities.

  • Insurance

    Our Insurance Group advises numerous Insurance Companies, Brokers and Adjusters in Chile on different matters such as Policy Drafting, Business Conduct, Regulation, etc.

  • Consumers Protection and Electronic Commerce

    We give advise Retail, Telecommuncation, Insurance, Construction and companies of other areas on their corporate relations with their consumers, standard form contracts, business conduct, publicity and e-commerce/telephone and other types of non presential contracts.

  • Personal Data

    Our Consumers and Business Conduct experts will advise our customers on compliance of National and International regulation on Personal Data, Privacy and the managemenet of private client’s information.

  • Antitrust

    We will advise our clients on the compliance of National Antitrust legislation and we will represent then before the Local Authorities.

  • Labor Law

    Our Labour Law Group will advise Corporations on the compliance of complex Labour Legislation. This area is also in charge of litigation and the representation of our clients before the Governmental Agencies.

  • Transport

    Our Commercial Area has a large experience on Air, Land, and Maritime Transportation and Insurance.

  • Corporprate and Compliance

    Our Corporate Group may assist your Company in all the matters related to Corporate Law, Business Conduct, Compliance and the management of Conflict of Interest.

  • Construction

    We have a longtime experience on the Construction and Real Estate Legal Practice.

  • Real Estate

    Our real estate experts advice in every sort of real estate projects, purchase and sale of Real Estate, subdivisions and mergers, lease, usufruct, mortgage loans, laesio enormis, eviction, expropriation, concessions, construction insurance, and permits in government public properties.